SFDUG Oct 2015 Meeting Recording: Getting Navis Dynaworking!

Colin McCrone and Adam Sheather delivered a superb presentation on using Dynamo to manage Navisworks data.  Check out the full recording below:

This presentation is an overview of DynaWorks, a custom Dynamo package for Navisworks developed by Adam Sheather. The first part of the session will cover opening/closing files, appending, automated tests and publishing. The second part will cover how to retrieve data from Navisworks clash data and utilize that back in Revit in a number of ways, including placing families and updating clashing objects with clash data.


Colin McCrone serves as technical evangelist for the Dynamo product development team. He has emerged as a foremost lecturer and instructor for Autodesk.  As a computational designer and design software evangelist, he teaches and gathers requirements for digital design tools, manages customer interactions, and technical consulting services.

Adam Sheather serves as BIM Manager for YTL Corporation Bhd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,  providing roadmaps, ICT rollout and project management, support and development across the company’s subsidiary business Group. He has played instrumental role in reusable lifecycle data planning for Project Planning & Execution, Co-ordination & 4D planning, onsite technologies and FM deliverables using BIM Project datasets.

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