SFDUG November 2015 Meeting: Dynamo for Architectural & Structural Projects

On Wednesday, November 11th at Noon, SFDUG welcomes Håvard Vasshaug as our featured virtual speaker. Håvard will present a chronological recap of his projects using Dynamo, starting with the first Random node and finishing with his recent works on reinforcement of complex geometries in subterranean hydroelectric concrete structures and a double curved facade in Paris.

Håvard serves as Design Technologist for Snøhetta in Oslo, Norway. He regularly speaks about technical workflows, digital innovation and human development at multiple international conferences and seminars, and receives wide acclaim for his talks and classes. He writes about BIM and visual scripting solutions on his website. Håvard uses Dynamo to solve modeling and data related design problems on several architectural and structural projects over the past two years.

Attending in person? Registration required to gain access to the HOK office. Click here for Eventbrite registration.

Attending via Webex? Click here for webex and register prior to the meeting.

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