SFDUG January 2016 Meeting: Dynamo lab at CCA

On Wednesday, January 13th at 6:00pm, SFDUG will kick off the New Year with an overview of Autodesk University Dynamo classes along with a feature presentation from three California College of the Arts students. 

Educational Module: Dynamo at AU 2015
Speakers: Courtney Howard, CannonDesign and Cesar Escalante, HOK

Autodesk University featured a sold-out Computation Design Workshop and a record 20+ Dynamo related classes. Courtney and Cesar will discuss what they learned and provide insight to the most relevant Dynamo features.

Featured Presentation: Dynamo Lab at CCA – Top student projects
Speakers: Denita Irsjad, Trenton Jewett, and Anh Vo

California College of the Arts students will present their final project from the Fall 2015 Building Technology elective course. The course, like others taught recently at Georgia Tech and MIT, was modeled as an introduction to both BIM and design computation using Revit and Dynamo. The students’ project proposes a new educational pavilion for CCA. They will present their results and their process, which involved Dynamo and some of its extensions as a means to build aspects of their Revit project. 
Attending in person? Registration is required to gain access to the HOK office. Click here for Eventbrite registration.

Attending via Webex? Click here to register for the Webex link prior to the meeting.

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