SFDUG April 2017 Meeting

On Wednesday, April 12th at 6:00pm SFDUG welcomes Konrad K. Sobon from Grimshaw Architects to present Mandrill, a data visualization plug-in for Dynamo.

Educational Module: Expedite Design Documentation with Dynamo
Presenter: Sam Tahmasebi from Gensler

Feature Presentation: Data Visualization in Dynamo with Mandrill
Speaker: Konrad K. Sobon
In this session Konrad will present Mandrill which is a data visualization plug-in for Dynamo and Grasshopper. It uses the power of D3.js to create beautiful and interactive charts. Whether you are trying to visualize your data on the fly using your favorite visual programming software, or analyzing a health of the Revit model, Mandrill has got you covered. You can easily create live, responsive data visualizations or combine them into report pages and save out to PDF to include in larger documents. All graphics produced by Mandrill are SVG based which means you can later edit them in your software of choice. 
Speaker’s Bio:

Konrad K. Sobon is a Computational BIM Specialist for Grimshaw Architects, New York. He is also a member of Design Technology group at Grimshaw that developed a number of collaboration and design tools for architects. He specializes in Computation Design implementation on BIM projects and is an author of a number of project enhancing applications and workflows. He is the creator or co-creator of Mantis ShrimpBumblebeeMandrill and Unify plug-ins for Dynamo, Rhino and Unity as well as the keeper of www.archi-lab.net – an online resource for technology curious architects.

Attending in person? Registration is required to gain access to the HOK. Click here for the Eventbrite registration. Registration closes at 11:00am on the day of the event, no exceptions.

Attending via GoToWebinar? Click here to register for the Go to Meeting link prior to the meeting. Once you are approved by the host, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining the session. For assistance, you can contact Cesar Escalante at: cesar.escalante@hok.com

Food courtesy of Ideate Inc.

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