SFDUG Sept 2017 | Beginner’s Guide to Python for Dynamo

On Wednesday September 20th, at 6:00pm, SDFUG welcomes team SOM on a discussion about Python for Dynamo.
**Note that the venue for Sept meeting is HOK San Francisco, 1 Bush St 2nd Floor**

Join Danny Bentley and Dennis Eldridge for an introduction to the Python programming language with Dynamo. Python is a versatile language that can be used to develop anything from a simple script to complete applications. This is a great language to get started learning programming, because the syntax is simpler and more intuitive than other languages. Dynamo has matured, and many users have started implementing Python in their Dynamo definitions. You can now find many samples of Dynamo scripts using Python online. With some knowledge of Python syntax you will be able to develop your own custom scripts.

This presentation will introduce the basics of the Revit API used with Python. It will cover the syntax used by Python Nodes in Dynamo. We will have some basic demonstrations, and slowly walk through the code. You will begin to get an understanding of how Python is talking to both Revit and Dynamo. You don’t need to be a computer scientist or even a master Dynamo user. If you understand a bit of Dynamo and know Revit you should feel comfortable enough seeing the syntax.

Danny Bentley is a Structural BIM Technical Designer and Drafter at Skidmore Owing and Merrill. With a background in Industrial Design and Computer Science. He is also a Youtuber with channels for Dynamo with Python and Revit API. At SOM he develops applications through Dynamo, Python and the C# to help facilitate workflow when dealing with complex geometry.

Dennis Eldridge is a Digital Designer that is also works at Skidmore Owing and Merrill. He is a licensed architect, and has experience as a technical designer. At SOM he supports project teams in their use of digital tools, and helps develop firmwide standards. Additionally he develops tool in Javascript, Python, and C# to automate simple architectural tasks.
Food and drinks courtesy of Ideate Inc.

To attend the event in person, register here.
To register to the live broadcast click here.

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