SFDUG + SFRUG July 2018 | Dynamo, Code, and Your Computer

On July 10th, at 11:30 am PST, the San Francisco Dynamo User Group and the San Francisco Revit User Group welcomes ZGF Architects for a discussion about how to effecivly use C# with Dynamo at the SF AIA.


Featured Presentation:

Dynamo, Code, and Your Computer

Attend this meeting to learn how to create a reusable solution with Dynamo and with C#.

Revit works like a database to create coordinated drawing sets. For example, Revit’s detail tags are linked to its detail views, and when you change a sheet number, your tags will be updated.

But sometimes Revit tasks can be tedious. For example, rearranging details on a sheet can be done easily, but reordering detail numbers on the sheet is a slow, slow process. Join us at this meeting to see how to solve this problem as a test case in automating Revit.

Trevor Taylor has been ZGF’s firm-wide Manager of Digital Design for over 15 years.

Dane Stokes leads ZGF’s computational design initiative and specializes in leveraging data to optimize and improve the design process


Food and drinks provided by Ideate Inc.

Attending this meeting in person? Register to the event here

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