SFCDUG August 2018 | A stroll with Plato: ancient Greek philosophers and Revit adaptive components

On August 15th, at 6:00 pm PST, the San Francisco Computational Design User Group welcomes Claudio Vittori Antisari and Chiara C. Rizzarda from Strategie Digitali, on a discussion about Dynamo, adaptive components, and the nature of geometry.


Featured Presentation:
Revit Adaptive Components are a powerful tool and sometimes the answer to deal with complex shapes. But in order to correctly approach the topic, one might be needed to investigate the deeper meaning of the concept of shape. The father of modern geometry, David Hilbert, defines that two objects have the same shape when, independently of their size, their elements form between them the same angles, and above all abide the same proportions. In order to find a definition that’s more interesting and fits better the matter at hand, however, we have to recourse to Cache again and the link he makes between Platonism and architecture.
What’s behind two objects that can be described as having the same shape is basically an idea. In defining the rules that guide an adaptive component, what’s needed is to define the very essence of the element, the characteristics that will remain unvaried or will need to be kept under control while everything else is left free to roam into the realms of non-standard architecture.

Claudio Vittori Antisari and Chiara C. Rizzarda are the founders of Strategie Digitali, a Computational BIM & Project Management consulting firm, based in Milan, Italy. They founded the Company after spending more than 4 years working together as the BIM Management of the leading architectural firm in Italy and it represents the merging of their two different working experiences, both based on the aim to use digital tools to improve Architectural Design efficiency, and more in general for the whole building cycle.
Nowadays they spend their time consulting for private and companies in augmenting their performances and workflow efficiencies; teaching in both private and university masters around Italy; working on national and international norms; speaking in the most relevant international conferences: upcoming dates are the Los Angeles Revit User Group (August 16th) and BILT Europe (October 11th – 13th).

Attending this meeting in person? Register for the event here

Attending this meeting online? Register to the live broadcast here.  Webcast technology courtesy of Gensler.

Unable to attend the meeting?  A video has been posted to our youtube channel here.

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