SFCDUG May 2019 – Special Event | Python Community Workshop (PCW)

On May 11th, from 9am till 4pm PST, SFCDUG will host a Python Community Workshop (PCW) in the Financial District, San Francisco, CA 94104. Location TBD.

Python Community Workshop 
Featured tutors:
Danny Bentley – SOM
Dennis Eldridge – SOM
Arman Hadilou – WRNS Studio

In order to help in the best way our community we submitted this Questionnaire. Here you can find the results

What is your field of expertise?

What is your level of experience using Dynamo/ visual programming?

What programming languages have you used before?

How does this workshop could affect your work?

What is your preferred structure for workshop?


If you are a student please submit your CV and Portfolio at sfdug.coordinator@gmail.com and in the SUBJECT write “PCW Adminission” we will select some of you for the free ticket.

Get your tickets here.

Upcoming Hackathons:

We would love recommend you this upcoming events:


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