SFCDUG February 2019 | AEC Hackathon Winner

Today, February  24th, SFCDUG  is happy to announce that we are the winners of the AEC Hackathon in the Silicon Valley.  
The previous event happend in Copenhague at the BloxHub

This event, for the AEC Hackathon Silicon Valley, was hosted at Facebook Campus HQ in Menlo Park in the heart of technology and innovation. It hosted hackers, architects, engineers, builders, designers and developers from all over the world:  Denmark, Uk, Italy, Japan and other countries.

Our team was able to win the: BEST MASHUP PROJECT

We are devoting the prize to our community in order to allow our community members to participate in one of the upcoming AEC Hackathons in 2019. We would like to offer this member the opportunity to learn, share ideas and to grow up in a collaborative tech-environment.

We will provide free tickets for the upcoming event: feel free to reach out to us at sfdug.coordinator@gmail.com sending your CV-Resume and project description.

These are the winning members of the Hackathon:

Alberto Tono – HOK
Daniel Clayson – Dabblefox
Danny Bentley – SOM
Dennis Eldridge – SOM

We are happy to announce that the other hackers from the Silicon Valley AEC Hackathon are going to present their projects in our next event. Stay tuned for more information. A great article has been published here (https://www.gabreport.com/aec-hackathon-6-1-inspires-creative-solutions) with all the details about all different projects presented.

For more insight, here is our winning project:

Thanks to Facebook for the great hospitality, HOK for the open-source project, Samnsung, Unity for sponsoring the event, and all the people who make this event possible.

Please enjoy and help the community as well!



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