SFCDUG June 2019 | Demystifying the Linear Algebra & Complex Geometric Capabilities

On June 19th, 12:00 pm PST, SFCDUG welcomes Samuel Williams Aston. This month’s meeting will be hosted at the AIA 130 Sutter St # 600, San Francisco, CA 94104.

Feature Presentation: Demystifying the Linear Algebra & Complex Geometric Capabilities of the Revit API

Unleash the full force of the Revit API by understanding and utilizing its linear algebraic & vector functions in Python. For many trained & aspiring computational designers, taking on complex challenges requiring a depth of geometric and linear algebra knowledge might seem daunting. It might also trigger a need to refresh on advanced math concepts learned years ago. This discussion explores the main geometric & linear algebraic concepts underlying much of the Revit API. We also discuss their implementation and clarify the uses of often mystifying functions.

Speaker: Sam Aston

Sam Aston is the founder of Matechi, a BIM application development consultancy, specializing in AI-powered Revit task automation. He is also a Design and Construction Technologist at WeWork, helping to develop tools and processes to optimize building data use for use in design, sales, and capital expenditures. In his spare time, he explores generative/GAN art.
He currently has a course with ThinkParametric on Revit API & Python Development: https://thinkparametric.com/courses/how-to-create-a-revit-plug-in-with-python-revit-api
His professional work can be found at: https://www.matechi.com/work/
His research & art can be found at: http://www.samuelaston.com/


Attending in person?  Get your tickets here.  Registration in person closes at noon on the day of the event. No exceptions. This month will be hosted at AIA.
Attending on-line? Register to the free webcast here. GoToWebinar sponsored by GENSLER.

Sushi will be provided thanks to Martin Kovic Milford https://www.martinkovicmilford.com/

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