SFCDI November 2019 | Autodesk University and AEC Tech Hackathon Recap

In November, SFCDI, we will be in Las Vegas at Autodesk University with presentations by members Alberto Tono, Dennis EldridgeCesar Escalante, and Danny Bentley. Read on for news and announcements.

SFCDI Python Workshop 

Our Director of Education: Danny Bentley, kindly started a series of useful Python tutorials, if you would like to support us and be part of our journey please don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can keep this online workshop alive. 
Donate at https://sfcdi.org/sponsorship/
or contact treasurer@sfcdi.org So Young Lee, will be happy to help. 


SFCDI @ Autodesk University

Our group will have 4 classes at Autodesk University this year


(AS323785) San Francisco Computational Design Institute Meetup
A panel discussion with the leaders of our group, covering some recent activities we’ve been involved in: hackathons, projects, and collaborations

Speakers: Dennis Eldridge, Alberto Tono



(320298) Transforming Design with AI and AR

As artificial intelligence becomes more intelligent, new possibilities arise. At the same time, augmented reality is transforming the field of BIM. Discover how these technologies are changing the way we design for today and how they will shape the industry tomorrow. Speaker from SFCDI Alberto Tono: https://www.linkedin.com/in/albertotono3

  • AI and Decision Making in AEC: Translating Predictive Analytics into Practice – Josh Kanner, Smartvid.io
  • How Augmented Reality Is Transforming the Field of BIM – Roy Aniruddha, TechnoStruct, LLC
  • How Machine Learning Will Change the Way We Design – Mehdi Nourbakhsh, Autodesk
  • Augmented Reality and Deep Learning in the Design Process – Alberto Tono, SFCDI


(SD322362)Open Source, not Open Source, that is the question
The dilemma of choosing to open a startup or a nonprofit is always present in the mind of entrepreneurs. In this age, where small startups are raising money and there are huge investments in the architecture, engineering, construction, and owner/operator (AECO) industry, what is missing and what can be an opportunity? In this panel, the San Francisco Computational Design Institute will try to find the winning formula. This effort aims to promote cooperation under the same umbrella and help the AECO community as a whole. We will focus on how we, as experts, can help our community to share our knowledge and provide better solutions. The panel will host:

  • Zachary Kron: Senior Product Manager at Autodesk AEC Generative Design
  • Matt Jezyk: Senior Staff Software Engineer at Tesla
  • Dennis Shelden: Director of the Digital Building Laboratory in the College of Design, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Kayleigh Houde: Computational Community Leader at Buro Happold (BHoM)
  • Ian Keough: CEO Hypar, Father of Dynamo

And it will be moderate by our Secretary Alberto Tono and President Cesar Escalante, follow out #RoadtoAU2019 on LinkedIn here 

Here the transcript, handout and interviews. 



(320294) Advances in Generative Design – Automation in BIM
Automation is reshaping architecture workflows, and generative design is reshaping product design. Discover where we are with generative design today and what’s on tap in the next few years—and check out the newly-designed VW electric bus.

  • Algorithm-Based and Bionic Product Design for Additive Manufacturing – Stephan Ziegler, RWTH Aachen University
  • Architecture Workflows in the Age of Automation – Dennis Eldridge, Join Inc
  • Reimagining the VW Bus of the Future – Erik Glaser, VW
  • A Design Mastermind and His AI Apprentice – Arthur Hasuvanakit, Autodesk



Free AEC Hackathon and AEC TEch Hakathon Tickets available

The winning teams from the AEC Hackathon and AEC Tech Hackathon are willing to donate several tickets to our community. 

If you’re interested in attending, sending an email to alberto.tono@sfcdi.org or secretary@sfcdi.org and tell us why you want to attend! We will carefully evaluate your projects and ideas.  

Recap: AEC Tech Hackathon, NYC

The winning team had our Secretary and Board of Directors:  Alberto Tono!

Here all the material from Thorton Tomasetti AEC Tech Hackathon 2019

One of the winning teams:

  1. Sounok Sarkar, Design Technology Specialist at HOK
  2. Dan Siroky, Design Technology Specialist at HOK
  3. Alberto Tono,  Design Technology Specialist at HOK / Secretary at SFCDI
  4. Jeffrey Moser, Computational Design Specialist at Grimshaw
  5. Constantina Tsiara Computational Designer at Workshop APD 
  6. Pablo Derendinger BIM Project Manager on behalf of ENGworks at Walt Disney Imagineering
  7. Valentin Noves, Director of Technology and Innovation at ENGWorks
  8. Marios Tsiliakos, Design Computation Specialist at Foster + Partners
  9. Lexi Fritz, Marketing Domain Expert at Tetra Tech
  10. Byron Mardas, Associate Environmental Designer at Foster + Partners
  11. Rachel Hartley, Community Manager at Autodesk 

Recap: October SFCDI
VIDEO of October Meetup available here. 


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