SFCDI June 2020 | Engineering / Scientific / Imaginative Computational Design & 3D Remote Collaboration – Reduce Time and Costs with a Client-Friendly Solution

On June 17th (6:00pm-7:00pm PST), SFCDI  welcomes Satoru Sugihara, Dave Alpert, Michael Hoppe, and Mac Dean.  This month’s event will be only available via live webcast due to the current situation with COVID-19.


Speaker: Satoru Sugihara


Satoru Sugihara is a principal and founder at the computational design studio ATLV founded in 2012. Prior to starting his firm, he worked as a computational designer at Morphosis Architects for five years. He also worked at DR_D and Greg Lynn FORM as an architectural designer. He taught computational design seminars at SCI-Arc from 2011 – 2017. Satoru Sugihara received the M.S. in computer science from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2001 and the M.Arch. from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2006. He was the recipient of Best Paper Award in ACADIA conference 2014. He had his solo exhibition “Agent-Based Computational Design” at AA[n+1] gallery in Paris in 2015. He also publishes open source computational design software iGeo to contribute to the computational design industry and education.

Featured Presentation: Engineering / Scientific / Imaginative Computational Design

The lecture categorizes computational design into 3 types design – engineering / data-driven (scientific) design / imaginative design, and shows the speaker’s computational design works under each categories including Morphosis Architects’ Emerson College LA Center and Bill & Melinda Gates Hall, Studio Link-Arc’s Milano Expo China Pavilion and Banu Hotpot Flagship Restaurant, Salon Architects’ Istanbul City Museum, WOW Architects’ CAMO House and ORProject + ATLV’s Beijing Office Installation.



Speaker: Dave Alpert, FAIA, LEED AP, CEO & Co-Founder Geopogo

image_daDave Alpert is an award-winning architect who is now solving design and construction challenges with Geopogo’s software for design and construction. Geopogo’s “3D made simple” vision is to apply the power of AR to build a better world. On-site AR models make construction more affordable and increase the budget available for high-quality design. As CEO of Geopogo, Dave leads a team of architectural designers and software engineers based in the Berkeley SkyDeck technology incubator, which integrates university-driven technology innovation with Silicon Valley investment.

Speaker: Michael Hoppe, Creative Director Geopogo

unnamed_mhMichael Hoppe is the Creative Director of Geopogo, the Berkeley-based architectural 3D design software company. Geopogo specializes in augmented reality and 3D remote collaboration, with the mission to build a better world. Since completing his architecture degree in 2010, Michael has worked for firms as an architectural designer and 3D graphics specialist, using VR and AR as presentation design tools. Michael joined Geopogo in 2018 and has guided the team on its mission to transform the process, presentation, and product of architectural design.

Speaker: Mac Dean, Technical Co-Founder Geopogo

image_mdMac Dean develops developing novel solutions in AR visualization and cooperative design. With a background in Interactive Media, and a specialty in VR and technology rhetoric, Mac has worked on new interaction systems for head-mounted displays, as well as traditional and VR games to teach scientific concepts, and useful skills. Following a passion for building the future of how humans interact with technology and each other, Mac joined Geopogo at the beginning of 2019, spearheading engineering and design initiatives to advance AR and 3D environments as professional tools.

Featured Presentation: Dynamo – 3D Remote Collaboration – Reduce Time and Costs with a Client-Friendly Solution

Join Geopogo’s CEO and Co-Founder, Dave Alpert, FAIA, Creative Director, Michael Hoppe, and Technical Co-Founder, Mac Dean, as they discuss the future of collaborative design between architects, builders, and their clients. Geopogo’s mission is to democratize architectural design tools and empower clients to collaborate in the design process, make well-informed decisions, and build functionality into the project. Reduce the time- and cost-consuming mistakes and misunderstandings that lead to construction rework resulting in the waste of over $1 Billion dollars every day. in the US.  This waste leads to environmental damage and unaffordable construction costs.

Attending on-line? Register to the free webcast here. GoToWebinar sponsored by GENSLER.

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