SFCDI July 2020 | Design Optimization of Building Structures & A 3D Philosophy at the Dawn of Spatial Computing

On July 17th (noon-1:00pm PST), SFCDI welcomes Professor Matthew Gilbert and Emily Olman.  This month’s event will be only available via live webcast due to the current situation with COVID-19.

Speaker: Prof. Matthew Gilbert

Matthew Gilbert is a Professor at the University of Sheffield, UK. He has a longstanding interest in the development of structural optimization techniques for a wide range of design problems. He is a Chartered Engineer and is a Director of the University spinout company LimitState Ltd, which develops analysis and design software for use in industry.

Featured Presentation: Doing More With Less: Design Optimization of Building Structures

Structural optimization techniques have matured rapidly in recent years, and can now be used to rapidly identify efficient arrangements of members forming building structures. This can lead to large savings in the amount of material required to form a structure. In this talk truss layout optimization will be introduced and applied to both simple and more complex design problems, taking advantage of the recently developed LayOpt web-application and Peregrine Rhino/Grasshopper plugin, both of which are publicly available.

Speaker: Emily Olman

Emily Olman is CEO & Founder of Hopscotch Interactive a Real Estate media services and consultancy headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Emily founded Hopscotch Interactive to accelerate the adoption of immersive media for property marketing using 3D and 360 photography, and has spent her career monetizing new media and developing new business models for frontier technology. With a background in media sales, business, and property marketing, she believes that advanced virtual tours and digital twins will unlock property’s full potential for owners and occupants. Emily is a regular speaker on immersive technology both in the U.S. and abroad at AWE, VRX, Realcomm, CoRETech, and was the VR/AR Association SF Chapter Co-President from 2016-2019. She regularly hosts XR industry events, and has negotiated partnerships with numerous media partners and sponsors. She is also a seasoned start-up founder, and as the CEO & Co-Founder of Spatial First, Inc. she worked on building a spatial utility; a spatial interface that unites physical properties and assets with their digital information. SpatialFirst was a Berkeley SkyDeck accelerator HotDesk company for Spring & Fall 2019, in the WXR Accelerator Fall 2019 Cohort, and the AWE EU Auggie Award Winner of “Start-up to Watch”. She was honored by the Virtual Worlds Society with a Nextant Medallion for “unlocking hearts and linking minds” through VR, served as a Jury Member for Mack Media’s inaugural AUREA Awards in Rust, Germany, is a member of the SF Commercial Real Estate Professionals Network (CRePN), is Co-Organizer of AWE Nite SF – San Francisco’s largest XR meet-up, and is currently AUREA Ambassador. She volunteers her time as both a member of the XR Marin Leadership Council, and the AWE Advisory Council.

Featured Presentation: Documenting CRE: A 3D Philosophy at the Dawn of Spatial Computing

The talk will be on Emily’s philosophy of reality capture and documentation as a way to convey the context of a property. It’s a philosophy of using 3D, and specifically the geometry of a space for extensions of reality, i.e. AR, VR, virtual staging, etc. Emily will talk about her experience starting Hopscotch Interactive in 2015, then starting an AR start-up for spatial computing, SpatialFirst, and how COVID-19 and the pandemic has changed the demands for services and what we’ve learned.

Attending on-line? Register to the free webcast here. GoToWebinar sponsored by GENSLER.

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