SFCDI October 2020 | Stadium Design + Functional Digital Twin

On October 21th (12:00pm PST) , SFCDI  welcomes Achintya Bhat and Zigmund Rubel, for a discussion of their work in generative design and digital twin.

Featured Presentation

Rapid Optioneering for Stadium Design

While designing a stadium, the most important thing is to make sure every one of the seats offers an unobstructed and good view of the whole field. Architects must make sure that they optimize the view, distance from the field while also fitting the maximum number of seats. This presentation will describe how to develop a Dynamo script to automate the seating bowl based on the standards while using Project Refinery for optioneering and optimization. Further, we will see how we can export the seating plan and data to Power BI.

Achintya Bhat is a computational designer at Stantec who works within the Practice Technology team. She has a background in engineering and master’s in Project and Construction Management from the University of British Columbia. Achintya specializes in using Business Intelligence(BI) tools, and visual scripting tools like Dynamo and Grasshopper to automate workflows for architects, engineers and project managers. Building upon her engineering background, she has been working towards increasing the efficiency in structural engineering by using computational thinking to automate and optimize structural engineering workflows. Achintya strives to advance data-driven design across AEC with automation of profession’s mundane chores to allow more time for creativity.

Featured Presentation

Functional Modeling and the Digital Twin

As an industry, do we ever design and or build the wrong building?  Functional modeling allows the user to determine the spatial and business performance requirements for a project prior to it being designed.  Focused on healthcare, FastPlan, provides immediate scenario development of a solution based on user requirements connected to spatial needs, projected staffing, and financial performance of the building operations.  The session will provide a demonstration of FastPlan to show how the user can ensure they’re building the right building. 

Zigmund Rubel is the President+CEO of A Design+Consulting, a firm specializing in data-driven processes to plan, design, and construct healing, learning and discovering buildings. They do this through their design services, consulting practice and technology strategies. Mr Rubel has over 25 years of experience and has worked on over 20 million SF of healthcare facilities throughout the world. He is a member of the Collee Of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects. He helped define the AIA’s Guide for Integrated Project Delivery and its adoption in Healthcare projects.  He holds five US patents for building products and software.  Zig is a founding Board Member and Secretary of the Center of Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry.


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