SFCDI Aug 2020 | 5th Year Anniversary | Arturo Tedeschi | Phil Langley

On August 12th, at 12:00pm PST, SFCDI celebrates its 5th year anniversary with two fantastic speakers whose innovative work has disrupted the way we digitally conceptualize and process design solutions. Join us in celebrating our group milestone with Arturo Tedeschi and Phil Langley.

Featured Presentation
Crossing disciplines with computational tools and methodologies

Computational designers are for architecture and industrial design what producers are for music. Arturo Tedeschi will show how digital tools, methodologies and design-culture allow to cross the imposed boundaries among design, architecture, art and industry. From footwear to transportation design, from furniture to infrastructure the lecture will be a journey over ten years of built projects and advanced concepts with the common thread of research, style and innovation.

Arturo Tedeschi is an architect and computational design specialist with more than ten years of experience in the avant-garde segment of architecture and industrial design (furniture, automotive, installations, products, footwear). He works as a consultant for leading companies, providing services and training related to algorithmic modeling, complex geometry, digital fabrication and data driven design. He is the author of the best-selling books Parametric Architecture with Grasshopper and AAD Algorithms-Aided Design. He taught and was an invited speaker at Architectural Association School (London), Politecnico di Milano, IUAV (Venice), The University of Sydney, Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation, University of Edinburgh, Universidad Europea (Madrid). His personal work has been featured in international magazines and exhibited worldwide. He has collaborated with major architecture and design firms, including Zaha Hadid Architects and Ross Lovegrove.

Featured Presentation
Automated Design for Industrialized Construction

In the Creative Technologies team at Bryden Wood, we have developed methodological and technical systems for design automation across a range of different technologies that embed the principles of ‘Design for Manufacture and Assembly’ (DfMA) and mass customization to radically changes the nature of design – and our role as designers within it. We are not a software development team – but we do make software. We will share how we have developed our approach – both how we have grown our own capabilities and as well as developed the way we work with digital technology and computational design – and how we have applied our thinking to a wide range of project contexts and sectors across the built environment.

Phil Langley is an architect and computational designer, based in London and leads the ‘Creative Technologies’ team at Bryden Wood.

Bryden Wood is an industry leader in Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and the Creative Technologies team are specialists in algorithmic design developing automated design workflows to accelerate the delivery of social and economic infrastructure by combining DfMA approaches and cutting-edge digital technologies.

Bryden Wood approach is about making the process not only faster, but also smarter – it is an intelligent automated process that allows us to iterate faster and gain greater, data-driven insights, to enable evidence-based decision making. The company brings together different strands of BIM and computational design including algorithmic design + simulation, connected tech, mixed reality environments and big data analytics.

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