SFDUG March 2016 Meeting: Dynamo a BIM Consultant’s Perspective

On Wednesday, March 9th at 6:00pm, SFDUG welcomes Edwin Guerra from Summit BIM Consulting in Vancouver, BC. We will also kick off the meeting with a hands-on session – bring your laptops!

This month’s meeting is brought to you by the node“List.FilterByBoolMask”

We are starting a new series: each meeting will end with an in-depth look at one particularly useful node. First up is filtering, with examples and use cases that will make this little guy a prominent member of your Dynamo tool box.

Educational Module: Advanced Data Management in Dynamo 
Speaker: Colin McCrone, Autodesk 

How does List.Map actually work and how can you avoid using it? What does var[]..[] mean? Learn about data types and structures in Dynamo that will help you navigate the tougher problems. Learn strategies for creating default values in functions and custom nodes to make the most robust and useful tools for your work. This is going to be a hands-on session:  bring your own laptop with Dynamo 9.0 installed. 

Featured Presentation: Dynamo a BIM Consultant’s Perspective 
Speaker: Edwin GuerraSummit AEC 

Dynamo is transforming the Revit landscape by allowing users to customize and develop new workflows in a friendly visual environment. In this presentation we will survey some key developments in Dynamo as well as some practical examples illustrating new and efficient ways of working. The use of Revit as primarily a documentation tool with clash coordination and visualization abilities is quickly moving towards more advanced uses that give designers valuable feedback to evaluate and create better designs. 

Speakers Bios: 

Colin McCrone serves as technical evangelist for the Dynamo product development team. He has emerged as a foremost lecturer and instructor for Autodesk. As a computational designer and design software evangelist, he teaches and gathers requirements for digital design tools, manages customer interactions, and technical consulting services. 

Edwin Guerra is a BIM Consultant at Summit BIM Consulting in Vancouver, BC. With a background in structural engineering and building performance, he brings to his projects advanced skills in data visualization, workflow development, workflow implementation, standards compliance, research and project management. He believes that there is great opportunity within the AECO industry to streamline processes and workflows to deliver high performance buildings. 

Attending in person? Registration is required to gain access to the HOK office. Click here for the Eventbrite registration.
Attending via Webex? Click here to register for the Webex link prior to the meeting. To view in other time zones or languages, please click here

Food and Refreshments courtesy of Ideate Inc.

Where do I download Dynamo?  Dynamo comes preloaded on Revit 2015 & 2016.  You can also try for free or purchase the standalone version. To download go here: http://dynamobim.org/download/ 
Is there access to power and wifi at the venue? Guest WiFi is provided at HOK. There is a limited number of power outlets.  We recommend to bring a laptop charged to last 2-hours. 
What are my transport/parking options getting to the event? Using public transportation is the easiest way to get to HOK, right out of the Montgomery BART station. Underground parking available for a fee. Parking on the street is free after 6:00pm. 
Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? Yes. To have access to the venue, you must register and show your printed ticket along any form of identification to security at the front lobby desk. You will not be permitted to enter HOK offices without registration. Online registration closes at 11:00am on the day of the event, no exceptions.

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